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3D Me

Instead of flat, 2D pictures, easily get a 3D printed version of yourself, your family, and friends!

Create your own 3D Printed Figurine, Put your face on one of our ready made characters,

We can create your custom designed figurine in sizes starting from 20cm height to 38cm -  3D Printing in Egypt


Create your own selfie, an identical replica of yourself or your beloved ones. 

Make it for yourself or give it as a gift. Whatever the purpose, they make the perfect memento

to capture any special moment in time. - 3D Printing in Egypt


Make your wedding figurines with your spouse and enjoy a long lasting memory that you can hold in your hand.

Wedding Figurines can be used as cake toppers, table center piece, beside guests' sign book, etc...

Choose from our library of wedding dresses or customize your dress as a replica from the one you will wear - 3D Printing in Egypt


The Bobbleshop

ADMA labs is the agent of Digiteyezer, owner of thebobbleshop solution - 3D Printing in Egypt.

The BobbleShop is a unique packaged service that allows any individual or company, without any 3D experience, to create and print amazing colored 3D figurines in a couple of seconds. For this, just unpack the system, plug AC/DC and get started with selling high quality figurines in whatever shop, retail store, gift store, museum, amusement park and more.

Is The BobbleShop solution expensive ?  What if the payback of the solution should be 3 to 6 months depending on the store location

Is The BobbleShop complicated to use ? What if you could get started in one hour of your time and you could use it without any skills in 3D of any kind

Is The BobbleShop for my clients ? What if your client could buy and offer amazing 3D personalized figurines for a public price.

AdmaLabs offer rental solutions, open your shop now !!